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What Is TeleCare, and how does it work?Reachplusgsm - Products & Services

Help is summoned by pressing a small button which can be worn either as a bracelet, necklace, or it can be secured to an item of clothing using a clip.

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Once the button is pressed we are able to communicate with you via the base unit’s built-in loud speaker.

From there, we would assess the situation and send the relevant help, this would either be in the form of a nominated family member or a friend, or the emergency services.



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Why choose Kent Telecare?

There are many companies offering a similar service, so making a decision on what company to choose from can be quite time consuming. We hope to make your decision a little easier for you by offering the following:

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– All prices held for 10 years after becoming a customer

We understand that most of our customers are either on a pension or a fixed income. Therefore, rather than increasing our prices every year for our existing customers, we promise the monthly fee will stay the same for at least 10 years after becoming a customer of ours.

– Price match guarantee

We believe we are cheaper than all of our competitors offering a similar service.
However, if you find the same service at a lower price, we promise to match it.

– A fully accredited TSA call centre carries out our in-home monitoring service


Telecare Benefits

Emergency Response When You Need ItSide Banner1 - Products & Services

Our system will ensure that we can get you the help you need in the event of a trip, a fall or any other medical emergency

Simple and Easy To Use

Our system is simple and very easy to use. At the touch of a button we can quickly have you connected with our emergency response call centre

Get The Help You Need, Fast!

Our emergency response call centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you piece of mind should you ever need to call us for help

Keep Your Independence

Our telecare system is designed to help you live independently. After arranging help, we can also alert your next of kin, relatives, or friends.


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